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Make the outside of your home look just as good as the inside

If you are thinking about updating the exterior of your building, you should consider K Rend.

K Rend is the nation's leading silicone render. If you are looking to bring the exterior of your home into the 21st century, you should choose K Rend

It is proven to be a waterproof render which maintains its texture and vibrant colour no matter the barrage it gets from the elements.

So if you are thinking about a vivid white or a pale sand coloured plaster for external walls, K Rend is what you should use. The wide variety of colours available will mean that you can choose whether you want your house to fit in or stand out!

The product is only as good as the technique to apply it. We specialise in K Rend application, so you can be sure your walls will turn out looking just how you want them to.

The benefits of K Rend are;

  • Waterproof render
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Comes in a range of textures
  • Can be applied in one coat

For advice on how your house could look with a K Rend application, give us a call. We are based in Poole and can answer all of your exterior rendering questions.

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